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Ephodia "Bridesmaid" Chuene

We met in high school. Truth is, when I met Ntoroka I didn’t like her, I thought she was too forward (wa phapha). And then we happened to sit next to each other ka classeng and we had no choice but to talk to each other, I then realised gore I was wrong, ga a phaphe (lol). We started getting along and became friends. Our friendship ya ba strong more ge re raloka netball together, because I was staying far and had to sleep over ga bo Ntoroka ge re boya boshego gotswa go bapala netball. We then joined soccer together, we would play netball and go play football (crazy girls we were I must say).

Then we started sharing our lunch, I would bring food from home and Ntoroka will get food from carvan ya buti wa gage and we would sit and eat. We did all this from Grade 10 until grade 12 in 2001.And we used to run away from home ka di Saturdays re ya dropong ya Polokwane, and I would lie to my parents gore keya Saturday schools, knowing gore keya dropong le Ntoroka, and ge re fihla dropong, re tla reka juice ya tropika le pie (hahahahahaha) eat and go home.

In 2002 we went to different schools, Ntoroka went to Johannesburg and I remained in Limpopo, we only met ka di school holidays.Then 2003 Ntoroka came back to Polokwane to further her studies, Thank God. We went to the same College, shared the same desk again like in high school. We shared a commune house, we then later shared a room.
While studying at NIIT, we decided to look for jobs as we were attending 3days a week. We both got part time jobs, we would work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and other days we worked after our classes from 10am.

Then Ntoroka moved to Seshego and I moved to Western burg for few months, and then I moved to Seshego later, yes I followed her.
Then we graduated from the College in 2004, and started looking for Jobs. Ntoroka got an internship in Pretoria and I got a job in Polokwane. (I can’t remember the year). And then she got placed in Polokwane after her Internship and she stayed in Seshego and I was staying in Polokwane town. At some point I moved to her house again. (you would swear, we were sisters, most people from church confused us of being sisters).

Mmmmmmm one day she told me she met this guy ko seshego zone 4 (forgot the name of that small complex), the guy’s name a re ke Sammy. Tjooo my friend was in love, I could see that in her eyes, but she had her doubts as every women would, but she pursued the relationship and I started seeing less of her, she was scarce, which I understood we were growing up.
Ok, in 2009 she helped me get an internship in Pretoria to pursue my career in IT. So I moved to Pretoria in 2009 for my internship. Then in 2010 I got placed in Polokwane, yipeeeee, we were together again, we started working together.

Then in 2011 I got married and moved back to Joburg. I stayed in Joburg since then to date, but distance means nothing to our friendship.